Meet Your 2019 Bronx Residential Contract Bargaining Committee Members!

As we start negotiating, members of the bargaining committee will be sending you updates directly from the bargaining table.

32BJ Building Workers Reach Tentative Agreement with Realty Advisory Board

32BJ SEIU’s bargaining committee and the Realty Advisory Board reached a tentative agreement Friday that would provide 11.3% raises over four years, maintain health care, increase funding for training and retirement benefits and added protections against harassment. If ratified by the members, the contract would cover over 31,000 doormen, porters, handypersons and supers in 3,500 buildings throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island serving 1.5 million New Yorkers.

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Thousands of Building Service Workers Rally for a Fair Contract

Thousands of 32BJ members and supporters rallied to demand a fair contract and voted to authorize 32BJ’s bargaining committee to either recommend an agreement for ratification or call for a strike if talks with the Realty Advisory Board break down.  New York, NY –...

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6 hours ago


32BJ is at the Philadelphia Municipal Services building today to make sure that Philadelphia security officers get what’s fair under the City’s Prevailing Wage Law. #buildingjustice ... See MoreSee Less


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Hi Ms Edna💜


Hi Ms.Deb

3 days ago


A wonderful tribute from our brothers and sisters at SEIU United Service Workers West.A loving tribute from our USWW familia to 32BJ SEIU President Hector Figueroa and the entire 32BJ family. His fearless leadership will live on through all of the lives he changed and touched. The labor movement lost a giant. Rest in Power! #Union #JusticeForJanitors ... See MoreSee Less

A wonderful tribute from our brothers and sisters at SEIU United Service Workers West.


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Great leader RIP you will always be remembered

Rest in power to this great man and true warrior for the people!

RIP to good leader

God bless you!!

🙏🙏🙏 R.I.P.

Good bye our beloved leader you will be dearly miss here. Our fight will carry on. RIP 😪😪🙏🏿🙏🏿


From a member during the decade of 1990's and 00's RIP 🙏

Que Dios lo tenga en su gloria a nuestro Presidente Héctor Figueroa un gran Líder llevaremos bien en alto tu nombre Mis condolencias a toda su familia y mis hermanos de la 32BJ Q.D.E.P

Thank you for the beautiful picture god blessed 32bj R.I.P.

He will be miss rest in peace.

Miss you brother.

A true champion for the people rest in peace my union brother

Never be forgotten .. RIP

Was the best.


RIP. Let's keep his legacy alive. 32bj📣📣📣


God bless his soul amen 🙏

True solider for social justice he was an amazing man with his strong desire to make a difference in the lives of immigrants and hard working people to stand for what's is right and just RIP our purple solider.

Quienes tuvimos la oportunidad de conocerlo , guardaremos en nuestra memoria el gran compromiso q tuvo con nuestra Unión , la claridad de sus ideas y su valentía para enfrentar las dificultades q encontró en su camino ! Gran líder Hector Figueroa , descansa en Paz !!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Merecido homenaje un gran líder


Gracia por todos los que hiciste por las clases trabajadoras; pido a Dios que tu alma siga siendo unas luz para todas las clases trabajadora , siempre te llevaré en mi oraciones y en mi pensamiento, tu fuiste y seguirá siendo un líder desde el cielo ayudando a todas las clases obrera . Dios te tenga en bello lugar ni Hno . Hector

Un gran líder. Buenas memorias.

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6 days ago


Héctor Figueroa's legacy will live on in all of us. Share your #HectorPresente moment, photo or memory with all of us to support our brothers and sisters in these difficult times. ... See MoreSee Less

Héctor Figueroas legacy will live on in all of us. Share your #HectorPresente moment, photo or memory with all of us to support our brothers and sisters in these difficult times.


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May your soul rest in peace My condolences to his family and the 32BJ family EWR

We will miss how he uplifted our voices to promote the public interest RIP

My condolences to fam

RIP, Hector Figueroa you will always be remembered by your union brothers.

My condolences to his family

My condolences to this family.

Rest In Power!!!! Never forget you legacy thank you for all you hard work

R.I.P. 🙏

Once again thank for your leadership Hector RIP.

Muchas tristeza descanse en paz 🙏mis condolencias para su familia.

Nice picture fre.

Rip gods hes will looks,for guys,im support my hubby for his loss president 2019

Descanse en paz

Descanse en paz

Siempre te recordaré . Hector Figueroa; porque fuiste un buen presidente; Dios te tenga en su gloria y que desde el cielo no siga dirigiendo

Los buenos siempre se van .me duele su partida pero jehova lo tiene en su memoria el esta mas seguro que nosotros te extrañaremos




Descanse en paz mi más sentido pésame para toda la familia y para tod@s los de la 32 BJ SEIU SIEMPRE ESTARAS EN NUESTRO CORAZÓN FUISTES Y LUCHATES SIEMPRE POR TOD@S NOSOTROS DESCANSA EN PAZ ESTOR FIGUEROA


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1 week ago


The 32BJ family is mourning the loss of our President, Hector Figueroa, who was not just a leader, but a union father, brother and a true friend to all. That’s why we held hands today in prayer, pledging to keep his words alive: “Lead, Unite, Win.” #RestInPower ... See MoreSee Less

The 32BJ family is mourning the loss of our President, Hector Figueroa, who was not just a leader, but a union father, brother and a true friend to all. That’s why we held hands today in prayer, pledging to keep his words alive: “Lead, Unite, Win.” #RestInPower


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God bless Hector Figueroa Rest In Peace 🙏🏻

Words can’t explain my heart right now .

There is no word to expres our sorrow and pain ... were allready miss much

He was a great man .He did great things for union members. Rest in peace My prayers to the family.

This is a tragic loss throughout every state, he loved every one no matter where you come from, he fought for us and now we all must carry to continue his legacy in supporting our families as well as our lives in keeping his dream alive. God bless your soul Hector Figueroa. I am grieving over the untimely death of you. You're time was to early, but now we all must try to stand tall and keep on fighting the fight for our jobs as he would like us to do so. Amen.

A brother and a friend God bless you and Heaven great man touched a lot of lives keep the movement going and his name 32bj

Rest in peace amen 🙏

May his soul Rest In Peace, to bad I haven’t had the chance to met the man, heard very good things about him but I just starter working few months ago n just a few days I heard the bad news.. I always ask myself many times why God our father takes always the good ones.. Rest Hector n my respect to his family n love ones.. God bless them all

Rest in peace

God have call his fighter Angel home to rest. Bless you our beloved leader God needed you more. You will be dearly miss. We will keep fighting 32BJ, 33BJ.😥😥😪😪🙏🏿🙏🏿

Rest In Peace ✌️

My deepest condolences go out to the family sorry for youll lost he was a good leader he fought for us so hard he will be miss

RIP Hector Figueroa 🇵🇷🇺🇸 you were a true leader.👍 you and your family are in our prayers.

Rest and peace

R.I.P. Hector and thank you for your service

Rest in peace

My deepest condolences go out to his wife Deidre, his children and his family.

Rest In Peace 😥

Rest In Peace!

Rest in peace

God give his soul peace.

Rest In Peace

Que en Paz Descanse Hector Figueroa. Mis condolencias a sus familiares y a toda la gran familia de 32BJ. Seguiremos su legado y lucharemos todos Unidos por una mejor vida para los trabajadores como el siempre lucho. 👫👬👭

Rest well hector ,Gone to soon ,You will never be forgotten ,But you will remain in all of us 32bjseiu member's heart and mind.

Rest In Power My Brother!!!

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1 week ago


“We have to be more than just about our jobs...” Always insightful, inspiring and full of humanity.

As we all begin to process the terrible loss of our brother, here’s one of Héctor’s most recent and inspiring talks addressing a room packed with member leaders from up and down the East
... See MoreSee Less

Video image


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Condolences to mr.Figueroa"s personal family may you have the support that is needed at this time to the people he worked with please be strong we at 32bj have to find a good or better than.

Rest in peace

I had the honor of being present for this, it definitely inspirational, and motivation driven. R.I.P. Hector!!!!!!

This is such a strong and powerful message. He left us all in the 32bj family a legacy that we have to continue for the next generations to come, and his legacy will live on forever. My condolences to the family. RIP Hector Figaroa🙏🙏🙏

So sorry for the loss of this young man and strong leadership💔 May you Rest in Eternal Peace Hector😇

Rest in Power, Héctor. You are greatly missed.

Dedicated to his believes , hard worker , fighter and love his Union . You will be miss .. RIP

Rest peace Mr, Figueroa

Rest in peace

My condolences to his family, may he rest in perfect peace!

If this man was the driving force, who will be next to fill in those shoes that has integrity, good standing, experience and heart to keep our Union strong 💪🏽 ???

My condolences to the family. Rest in Peace🙏🏻

Rest in pease

His legacy will continue stronger

My condolences to fam

My Condolences to his family sorry for your loss REST IN PEACE HECTOR 32BJ .......

Rest Peace Herctor

R.I.P 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Rest in peace Hector

Mis condolencias a su esposa hijos y demás familia Dios lo tenga en la gloria

He welcomed me into the with open arms now he is God's arms God Bless you SIR

RIP President.

I am sorry for him he passed away 😢😥😪😢 I will miss him so much

QEPD nuestro querido presidente que el señor lo tenga en su Santa Gloria 🙏

Mis condolencia a sus familia y mis hermanos y hermanas de la 32bj

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